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Specialists in All Typesof Cladding

Technoclad supply and install top of the range materials in its works. All materials are tested and guaranteed by the manufacturer and abide the law and health and safety regulations.

The list bellow presents the most common ones but we have a vast range of products from all the major manufacturers such as Interclad, Altro, Eternit, Formica, and many more!

Back to top Caterclad
Caterclad is a Food Contact Safe, cost effective maintenance-free hygienic wall finish developed in conjunction with Senior Food Service Environmental Health Officers and conforms to EU and UK requirements for walls in food areas.

It provides a smooth, impervious, impact-resistant and easily cleanable surface that only requires washing with water and sanitizer. It is being widely used in hotels, restaurants, takeaways, cafes, schools, hospitals, the Armed Forces, industry, laboratories or anywhere hygiene is paramount.

Caterclad can be installed over existing ceramic tiles, paint, plasterboard, plaster, plywood, MDF, metal, brick or block work. The installation process is easy and, provided the surface is dry, rigid and sound, it is unlike that any preparation involving the wet trade will be required. Corners and angles are thermoformed on site, providing a clean finish that will reduce greatly bacteria traps. Caterclad is also designed to be integral with PVC flooring systems.

Caterclad is supplied by Interclad Ltd.

Hygienic Cladding
Back to top Waterfield
Waterfield is an attractive impervious wall finish for shower, bathrooms, toilets and food stores. It comes in a wide range of colours and patterns with satin or gloss finish.

It provides a smooth, impervious, impact-resistant and easily cleanable surface that only requires washing with water and sanitizer and can be installed over existing ceramic tiles, paint, plasterboard, plaster, plywood, MDF, metal, brick or block work. Corners can be formed on site and special joints are used to achieve a water proof sealed system.

Waterfield is supplied by Interclad Ltd.

Waterfield Cladding System
Back to top Respatex
Respatex wall panels are a unique system for cladding wet room walls. Each panel has a Water and Boil Proof (WBP) plywood core, with a balancer laminate on the reverse side and a high pressure decorative laminate surface on the front. A tongue and grove joint system allows a simple, quick, waterproof and hygienic Installation.

Panels are supplied by Respatex and come in a wide range of coloured patterns.

Respatex wall panels
Back to top Ceramilite and Bakerlite Wallboards
Ceramilite is a cost effective Canadian Tile effect sheeting system. Its hardboards are oil tempered, waterproof, mildew resistant and will not crack or craze. It is easy to clean and durable.

Bakerlite panels are a more competitively priced product which still gives a waterproof finish and carries a 5 year warranty. It come in a range of colours and patterns and is ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, high traffic and high moisture areas.

Ceramilite Wallboard
Back to top Stoneflex
Stoneflex is a light weight glass fibre reinforced polyester resin cladding panel that provides a surface finish of natural stone. The panels are impervious to moisture, resistant to normal atmospheric pollutants, impact and fire resistant.

It can be installed as exterior or internal cladding and can be supplied in corners and angles. It comes in various natural stone and aggregate colours.

Stoneflex is supplied by Eternit Ltd.

Back to top Interlock
Interlock ceiling system provides a maintenance free, long lasting and easy to clean finish. Its light weight planks can be used in a suspension system and are waterproof and resistant to most chemicals found in commercial and industrial kitchens, pharmaceutical manufacturing and medical industries. No part of the Interlock ceiling system can give rise to particles that would cause food contamination and its twin-wall construction will help reduce condensation.

The system can be installed using the existing ceiling, counter batten, 24mm T-bars or Gyproc MF Suspension System. This choice of fixing methods makes Interlock ideal for both new build and refurbishment.

Interlock is supplied by Interclad Ltd.

Office Ceilling in Interlock
Back to top Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel is a high impact material ideal to clad areas exposed to heavy work conditions such as under canopies and behind cooking ranges. The installed product has no apparent fixings and all joints are covered, even in the corners, providing an eye pleasing, easy to clean and hygienic everyday usage surface.

When used in other areas, stainless steel provides a pleasant and smooth surface, with or without apparent fixings.

Its sheets comes in a range on thicknesses and finishes and ca be cut to the required size on site.

Back to top Aluminium
Aluminium is a light, resistant, and rust-free material ideal to clad overhanging or weather exposed areas such as canopies and external panels. It comes in a wide range on thicknesses and support different finishes, including powder coating and wet painting.

It also can be manufactured to bespoken shape and size to fit the clients needs.

External Cladding in Powdercoated Aluminium
  Other stainless steel and Aluminium items such as shelves, tables, skirting, angles and dado rails can be formed offsite according to the needs of the client.

Technoclad uses other materials as specified for each job, either for internal or external (including roof) cladding. For information about a particular product, please contact Technoclad.


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